Saturday, November 3, 2012

Paintings done over the Summer

Elisabeth's Imagination 

Elizabeth, my youngest sister was turning 16 and I really wanted to do something special for her this year. So asking her what she wanted, she gave me the suggestion of painting something for her.  I asker her what she wanted and she wanted what you see now in the painting, however she asked for the sun to be shining through the rain. Elizabeth is a fine writer and poet, she constructed or will write a poem about this painting, I believe. 

My mother, one year, went to Switzerland for a women's get away and vacation. She had taken a beautiful picture of a garden and four front of a Salzburg house that I very much admired. Deciding to paint it, I wanted to surprise my mom with a late mother's day present and so I did (this only being the first half of it though)

This little painting is the second half of my mother's present for mother's day.  The subject matter of this painting is a window off the square of the Bled Castle in Bled, Slovenija. This little piece is not my best but putting it along side the Switzerland house piece, it is not too bad. 

Cramming Memories 
My beautiful sister, just younger then me, Lydia, was graduating from the best private, Christions boarding school in the world know as Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany, and I wanted to surprise her with a gift.  This gift is not only very sentimental to her but also to me. This is a painting of the view outside the window of the room that Lydia and I both shared, at different times, when we stayed in a dorm know as Storch. (stork, for you english speakers) Many tears and laughs and beautiful moments were shown through that window.

Stacey Cook Babich, the recent dorm mother of the dorm Storch, and a close friend, asked me to paint something for the dorm over the summer.  Exited and honored, I painted one of the most beautiful views of the town Holzen that the dorm so happens to be in.  I loved painting this one! Oh, the memories!

Glavni Trg
This was the last but not least painting that I accomplished over the summer.  My mom had been bugging me for years for me to do a city scape of our home town Maribor in the beautiful country of Slovenija. I absolutely loved doing this painting, it was a lot of fun and now I can treasure a bit of home now that Im away. This was a present for both my Daddy and Mommy, I miss them so much! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

This is one of the many cartoons that I have done for the William Carey Cobbler 
(A University News Paper). This specific cartoon not many students or faculty saw because it was posted on an internet addition and no one checks that addition ... (not even I, but SHHH) =)
This is in honor of the 9/11  Ten Years. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

My good friend Katt was sweet enough to let me draw her over the spring brake, but of course she did not mind because she fell asleep.  This picture brings me such excitement because it was a semi success.  At first I really hated this drawing but it grew on me later.  Its an odd drawing because its bright where there should be shadows and the trees are meant to be dark and ominous because of the fear that they brought me.  Katt is brighter because she is my dear friend. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Now this piece may be different to my previous works and disturbing but this past year and a half being vulnerable about myself and my work, is what the Lord has been teaching me what to do.  I drew this quick sketch in class because Tory and our professor reminded me of what art really is and that it describes a little bit of us. This drawing was abrupt on my part but it represents the emotions and struggles I have been going through lately: Not relaying on the Lord for my problems and resting on the cross rather I am taking my life into my own hands and suffering the consequences of my own sinful burdens. This drawing represents me giving up and surrendering everything to Christ. 

This of the Carey campus garden that I decided to draw for design class. I did not know what to draw for the assignment but I knew that i had not picked up a pencil in quite some time .. too long in fact. So I decided to go to my favorite place on campus to in order to draw a picture of the world outside of my sanctuary: The Pray Garden. This picture symbolizes that I am at peace in one place but I am choosing to look outside of that place where pain and turmoil will inevitably accore instead of me enjoying where I am now. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Art Work from Painting 101

Lydia in a Ball
My sister Lydia resting on the family recliner. I rather like this painting because to me this refers the pain and secrecy that Lydia was going through over Christmas brake: On the outside she was colorful and bright but in reality she was hurting.  panted Jan. 2011

Self Portrat Painting
Self portrait painted in class. The horizontal foreground balances out the extreme vertical of the rest of the painting.  Colors: the red is meant to guide the viewers eyes in a triangle. painted Jan. 2011

Lydia being a Teenager 
Lydia in the green recliner once again. This painting was mainly done to study and experiment with color and light. The lamp my seam too much out of key but that is the point: its too bright. painted Jan. 2011

Preparing the Gifts
My Mother taking a quick snap shot of my youngest sister, Elizabeth, while she is humorously trying to pick up Christmas presents to put underneath the tree. This painting was meant to bring about a happy festive feel without to much of the norm Christmas colors.  Painted Jan. 2011

The life of a Teenager in 21 century 
Lydia Kate Bell once again. This painting was a play with red and green contrasting colors and also purple and yellow contrasting colors with a surprise of an off blue. Painted Jan. 2011

Overall Green
Aaron Wade Martin, he is the love of my life and to not get too mushy gushy this painting was to practice my scheme of foreground, middle ground, and back ground.  Aaron, is my easiest and hardest subject for my art because I am so close to him it is fun and easy to paint him however he is ... well he is Aaron, he makes everything dificult: thats his middle name. 

Caring the Cross
This painting was placed on my heart for what I have been struggling latley with my walk with my best friend, Jesus.  I have asked peoples true opinions on this painting and many like it, however I have gotten a few that have been disturbed by it and that is what I want.
 This painting is a symbolism of a choice between being a slave to yourself or being a slave to God.  The first outlook is the woman is carrying her own burden and because she is not asking for help she is slowly sinking into her own sins.  The second is that the Cross, which symbolizes Christ, is placing her into his blood for her to become a living sacrifice.