Monday, March 19, 2012

My good friend Katt was sweet enough to let me draw her over the spring brake, but of course she did not mind because she fell asleep.  This picture brings me such excitement because it was a semi success.  At first I really hated this drawing but it grew on me later.  Its an odd drawing because its bright where there should be shadows and the trees are meant to be dark and ominous because of the fear that they brought me.  Katt is brighter because she is my dear friend. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Now this piece may be different to my previous works and disturbing but this past year and a half being vulnerable about myself and my work, is what the Lord has been teaching me what to do.  I drew this quick sketch in class because Tory and our professor reminded me of what art really is and that it describes a little bit of us. This drawing was abrupt on my part but it represents the emotions and struggles I have been going through lately: Not relaying on the Lord for my problems and resting on the cross rather I am taking my life into my own hands and suffering the consequences of my own sinful burdens. This drawing represents me giving up and surrendering everything to Christ. 

This of the Carey campus garden that I decided to draw for design class. I did not know what to draw for the assignment but I knew that i had not picked up a pencil in quite some time .. too long in fact. So I decided to go to my favorite place on campus to in order to draw a picture of the world outside of my sanctuary: The Pray Garden. This picture symbolizes that I am at peace in one place but I am choosing to look outside of that place where pain and turmoil will inevitably accore instead of me enjoying where I am now.