Monday, February 27, 2012

Art Work from Painting 101

Lydia in a Ball
My sister Lydia resting on the family recliner. I rather like this painting because to me this refers the pain and secrecy that Lydia was going through over Christmas brake: On the outside she was colorful and bright but in reality she was hurting.  panted Jan. 2011

Self Portrat Painting
Self portrait painted in class. The horizontal foreground balances out the extreme vertical of the rest of the painting.  Colors: the red is meant to guide the viewers eyes in a triangle. painted Jan. 2011

Lydia being a Teenager 
Lydia in the green recliner once again. This painting was mainly done to study and experiment with color and light. The lamp my seam too much out of key but that is the point: its too bright. painted Jan. 2011

Preparing the Gifts
My Mother taking a quick snap shot of my youngest sister, Elizabeth, while she is humorously trying to pick up Christmas presents to put underneath the tree. This painting was meant to bring about a happy festive feel without to much of the norm Christmas colors.  Painted Jan. 2011

The life of a Teenager in 21 century 
Lydia Kate Bell once again. This painting was a play with red and green contrasting colors and also purple and yellow contrasting colors with a surprise of an off blue. Painted Jan. 2011

Overall Green
Aaron Wade Martin, he is the love of my life and to not get too mushy gushy this painting was to practice my scheme of foreground, middle ground, and back ground.  Aaron, is my easiest and hardest subject for my art because I am so close to him it is fun and easy to paint him however he is ... well he is Aaron, he makes everything dificult: thats his middle name. 

Caring the Cross
This painting was placed on my heart for what I have been struggling latley with my walk with my best friend, Jesus.  I have asked peoples true opinions on this painting and many like it, however I have gotten a few that have been disturbed by it and that is what I want.
 This painting is a symbolism of a choice between being a slave to yourself or being a slave to God.  The first outlook is the woman is carrying her own burden and because she is not asking for help she is slowly sinking into her own sins.  The second is that the Cross, which symbolizes Christ, is placing her into his blood for her to become a living sacrifice.