Monday, March 5, 2012

This of the Carey campus garden that I decided to draw for design class. I did not know what to draw for the assignment but I knew that i had not picked up a pencil in quite some time .. too long in fact. So I decided to go to my favorite place on campus to in order to draw a picture of the world outside of my sanctuary: The Pray Garden. This picture symbolizes that I am at peace in one place but I am choosing to look outside of that place where pain and turmoil will inevitably accore instead of me enjoying where I am now. 


  1. This is very illustrative, as you are an illustrator. I would love to see it resolved, and in watercolor. I feel like is was somewhat rushed. Maybe if you think of the drawing differently, it won't seem that way. I know if I think of my paintings and drawings as just assignments, they turn out to be quite horrible.

  2. Good sketch and good meanings ( ̄^ ̄)γ What about put on 1~2 figures in this drawing?(〃^▽^〃)